Problem remains when I put the old drive back just in case anyone was wondering. I think that it is a bad connection, and I actually have another vgn S series keyboard that I tried and that had the same problem. Can you access your hard drive now? It make the repair process much easier. Any help is appreciated, Allan. Dear readers, it takes countless hours to create content for this site and keep it up and running. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site.

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How to take apart Sony Vaio VGN-S360P

Seems like the DC power jack connection is the weakest link in my Vgm-s360p laptops. Any photography for vgn-s360p the switch?

Have you run into this vgn-s360p at all and do you have any tips on how to repair it? Any help would be appreciated. Thank vgn-s360p for your reply IML Tech and thank you for this excellent vgn-s360p website!!

Thanks for the response. First of all, thanks for the response. Probably this vgn-s360p connection vgn-s360p issue. Vgn-s360p I was looking for my replacement jack, I just took AC adapter to RadioShack and tried a few different jacks available vgn-s360p there. This will cause vgn-s360p hinge to rotate towards the cable hence vgn-s306p it. If you appreciate my work and find this information useful, please support this site.

Remove the vgn-s360p drive assembly. I find the right manual on a Russian web site and download it from Rapidshare.

They seem to be threaded and vgn-s360p spring loaded.

Kumar needs to replace the DC power jack connection…ebay has some of the cheapest replacements for this solution. There are also two other holes in the fan unit. But when I tried to start the vgn-s360p back. Vgn-s360p all else fails, can you recommend an online or retail shop that sells new top covers? I recently replaced my hard drive and re-installed windows and associated ggn-s360p. Is there a special tool to remove these? You can replace vgn-x360p whole harness power vgn-s360p and cable without soldering if you can find the vgn-s360p.

You can buy the jack with wires and plug it into the motherboard. You can support vgn-s360p site. Tried to put the default settings vgn-s360p BIOS.

Superwarehouse – Sony VAIO SP, Sony VGN-SP

Anyone have any ideas on what could have happened? My reason for taking it apart is replacing the failed DC jack but I will remove all major components so you vgn-a360p how vgn-s360p do that.

Vgn-s360p now my keyboard is unresponsive, as vgn-s360p certain buttons do not work all the time. Well, I figured out my problem.

Vgn-s360p shows the error. Vgn-s360p impressed at all. Simply unplug the old damaged harness from the motherboard and replace it with a new one.

Kevin, is the power jack and the dc power board the same thing? Hey, great reference site.

Sony VAIO S360P

Paul, I recently replaced my hard drive and re-installed windows vgn-s360p associated programs. It explains how vgn-s360p remove the fan assembly. In one of your toshiba articles you describe the radio shack replacement vgnn-s360p number with a picture for the dc power jack. Again, check the connections and make sure memory vgn-s360p seated correctly.